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Guest - 956-587-3368
2017-09-24 16:05:51 - Scammer

Keeps calling constantly .

Guest - 571-989-9501
2017-09-23 20:11:19 - SMS

This person says they are looking for a Choreographer for a flashmob for a wedding. This is a scam to take your money. Do not give them any information.

Guest - 541-210-1618
2017-09-22 14:44:34 - Unknown

After 30 seconds of non voice, they hung up.

Guest - 843-606-8888
2017-09-22 13:09:44 - Scammer

11 calls - fax beeps

Guest - 765-213-8341
2017-09-22 09:14:41 - Missed Call

called the number back not in service

Guest - 650-515-6876
2017-09-21 18:38:13 - Scammer

text - scam

Guest - 503-200-6662
2017-09-21 13:43:04 - Unknown

Called 2 days in a row. No message. Number is unknown to me.

Guest - 440-565-5396
2017-09-21 11:56:40 - Unknown

received call but no one identified themselves. after a few seconds the call disconnected.

Guest - 850-532-6769
2017-09-21 08:21:07 - Unknown

The message said it was about a claim #175151075. I did not cslli

Guest - 302-242-2542
2017-09-20 14:53:05 - Missed Call

calls but does not leave a message or text

Guest - 224-241-2928
2017-09-19 16:48:52 - Scammer

Upgrade diabetic meter wanted personnel information

Guest - 650-419-5754
2017-09-19 09:06:08 - Unknown

Text message

Guest - 928-235-3167
2017-09-18 18:46:50 - Unknown

Hang ups

Guest - 775-384-0032
2017-09-18 13:45:33 - Scammer

They never leave a message and when
I answer, they never speak

2017-09-18 09:29:16 - Scammer

Scam. Absolute thief

Guest - 928-238-8080
2017-09-18 09:28:13 - Scammer

Fraud. Attempting to rent you a house, that they do not own.
Takes real estate listings and tries to get you to send them deposideposit and rent. Scam. Notify the FBI if you have been
Scammed by this number

Guest - 800-227-4825
2017-09-16 13:43:06 - Unknown

Calling my disabled daughter and leaving message that she needs to call back immediately or She could face criminal charges.

Guest - 561-523-9817
2017-09-16 10:20:18 - Unknown

I did not answer as have had many scam calls lately..and will not answer any I do not know..

Madison - 918-533-8845
2017-09-15 23:04:56 - Scammer

Super creepy person, responded to my craigslist ad about a bridesmaid dress. Called me several times but it said no caller ID. Then texted me asking for other clothes, and asked if I could do his makeup and nails and hair. Wouldn't answer any of my questions when I asked when and where we could meet up. Wouldn't tell me if he was a boy or girl, or tell me his name. I'm super creeped out and scared

Guest - 702-359-3286
2017-09-15 22:27:56 - Scammer

Every night we receive a call from this number. Have attempted to block it to no avail. Annoying!!

Guest - 702-359-3286
2017-09-15 22:27:07 - Unknown

Every night we receive a call from this number. Have attempted to block it to no avail. Annoying!!

Guest - 217-759-3326
2017-09-15 18:41:29 - Scammer

Harassement. She called yesterday n said i looked on internet for a loan n looking at houses but never did. Told her never to callback its harrssement n dont call. Today she called 3 times and ignoring.

Guest - 816-420-4632
2017-09-15 01:08:38 - Missed Call


Guest - 214-275-9508
2017-09-14 20:22:52 - Scammer

Claims he's from IRS and I have made some serious illegal statements on my tax return and I am in serious trouble.

Guest - 410-204-5214
2017-09-14 16:53:04 - Scammer

Called. Did not answer. They left no message.