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Guest - 570-618-8058
2017-04-22 08:53:43 - Unknown

At 4:34 P.M. on April 21, 2017 I received a call from 570-618-8058, "Name Unavailable." I called back; it rang a few times, then nothing.

Dennis - 484-577-2683
2017-04-21 13:58:11 - Unknown

When I answered the call, there was no response or background noise. It had the characteristics of a robocall.

Guest - 740-217-1487
2017-04-21 13:02:27 - Unknown

I.R.S. Law Suite has been file against you, It's a Robot call Threatening lawsuit if you don't call back.

Guest - 505-301-2418
2017-04-20 22:39:30 - Unknown


PTSTL - 314-578-3334
2017-04-20 18:22:24 - Unknown

Called but no one was on the other line

Guest - 303-731-0825
2017-04-20 14:12:30 - Scammer

Call came from a loud call center claiming to be Lender Services inquiring about mortgage. Total Scam

Guest - 412-274-0327
2017-04-20 13:13:47 - Unknown

I receive call from it several times a day, i answer hear nothing and then they hang up

Guest - 701-205-3150
2017-04-20 11:11:03 - Unknown

Sirus XM update

Guest - 608-260-7420
2017-04-19 21:38:48 - Missed Call


Guest - 253-888-3269
2017-04-19 19:55:06 - Scammer

Not safe. Craigslist prankster

Guest - 303-731-0825
2017-04-19 19:16:52 - Scammer

Repeat calls trying to get me to call them back so they can reduce my credit card interest rates to zero percent.

Guest - 863-614-1210
2017-04-19 16:24:19 - Unknown

Looking for someone. Said they are Medicaid

Guest - 563-265-0019
2017-04-18 16:42:28 - Scammer

Said he was calling regarding my inquiry about social security. Never called anyone. Wanted to know if I could hear him alright to get me to say "yes". He hung up on me when. Started asking questions. Am sick of these calls.

Guest - 480-463-8350
2017-04-17 21:51:32 - Scammer

It is NOT GoDaddy. It's an entirely different company calling themselves "Godaddy Business Advisor", playing on the Godaddy name.

My wife I got a call from them saying that I had "serious issue" with my account.

When I tried to call back later, it was 7:00pm and I got a message saying they were already closed for the day. Real GoDaddy is open 24/7.
So I visited the Godaddy website and didn't find any reference to any problems, which WOULD have shown up there if I had a real problem.

I received a new Discover chip card recently, with a new expiration date, and noticed that my existing card on file had not been updated, so I thought that might be the problem.

I got into chat and was told that "Godaddy Business Advisor" is a scammer, that was a sales call, at best, and if I added privacy to my domains, people like those would not be able to get my information out of the WHOIS database to be contacting me with trash like that.

Someone can go through or a few others with a robot and extract all contact information on all GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc. registrations.

Guest - 931-603-1676
2017-04-17 15:42:42 - Scammer

Said it was social security wanting to know if i wanted benifits

Guest - 605-220-5033
2017-04-14 21:02:59 - Unknown

Spoke nothing on the phone and hung up

Guest - 281-972-8830
2017-04-14 17:40:57 - Unknown


Guest - 818-661-2442
2017-04-13 21:39:56 - Scammer

It is a caller stating he is collecting money for fallen police officers. Once I said I only give locally because of all the scams, he hung up. Tried calling back and just got fake recording that said press 2 to be removed from list. It did not appear to do anything.

Guest - 315-515-8977
2017-04-13 17:56:22 - Scammer


Guest - 917-341-2309
2017-04-13 13:57:53 - Unknown

I don't know I do not answer and block and delete the number

Guest - 513-201-7254
2017-04-13 12:15:14 - Unknown

Is this Diana Krall?

Guest - 616-666-1600
2017-04-13 08:58:03 - Unknown

Repeated prank phone calls from this number

Guest - 602-427-9699
2017-04-12 15:45:51 - Safe

Freedom Financial Loan

Guest - 646-688-4025
2017-04-12 14:25:15 - Scammer

Candidate-paid placement service. Hung up when I began asking in depth questions about their service. Scam.

Guest - 478-972-4723
2017-04-12 12:38:38 - Unknown